About Us

YMPR is based in Paris and was founded by Yasmine Matta in September 2020.

YMPR is a public relations agency working closely with international brands that are looking to enter the French market and optimize their visibility and expansion. YMPR also supports retail & sales on the market by coordination with the buyers and connecting with new points of sale.

YMPR becomes an extension to your brand. Its closeness and thorough team-work approach with its clients ensures quality results, always done with efficiency and passion.

YMPR has already worked with 10 + brands from over 5 countries enabling them to increase their footprint in France and has adopted a tailor made approach with each one of them to meet their goals and requirements.

Meet Yasmine Matta

Founder of YMPR

Born in Beirut, Yasmine moved to Paris to pursue her studies and later graduated from EFAP with an MBA in Luxury Communication & Strategy. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Yasmine founded YMPR,  a  public relations agency, with her exceptional organizational skills and passion for PR in the French market.

With a unique blend of independence, cultural acumen, dynamism and a high sense of organization, Yasmine sets herself apart as a true visionary in the industry. Her open spirit and eagerness to help make her a pleasure to work with and her dedication to her clients shines through in the results she delivers. Yasmine is always spreading positivity and energy, making her the ideal leader for YMPR.

As a trusted partner to numerous French brands in the clean beauty and luxury sector, Yasmine builds each brand as if it were her own, offering creative and strategic solutions for optimal growth. With a passion for quality results, Yasmine leads YMPR with efficiency and dedication, always putting her clients’ needs first.